The Cost of Cynicism


President Obama has called us “to reject cynicism and to reject fear, and to summon what is best in us…” It may be the biggest decision we ever make. Learn more: The Cost of Cynicism|Psychology Today

How to make political conversations more productive


Here’s my two cents on How to make political conversations more productive|Psychology Today

Why Politics Are So Hard: A Psychoanalyst’s Perspective

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Why Politics Are So Hard: A Psychoanalyst’s Perspective


Video: The Fruits of Kleinian Analysis

Hi, everyone! In March 2016, I gave a one-hour talk on the aims of psychoanalysis–the psychological capacities that a good psychoanalysis helps to foster and grow. Please feel free to share it for educational purposes. Enjoy!

The Fruits of Kleinian Analysis: Normal Development, Mental Health, and Maturity from The Psychoanalytic Center of CA on Vimeo.

The Vulnerability Revolution

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The Vulnerability Revolution:

How a small group of thoughtful, committed people is changing the world

Psychoanalysis as Core Training

I’m back! I’ve been teaching the last three months during my writing time, collecting some new insights to share in future blog posts. I hope you’ll find this week’s new post useful. Check it out:

Psychoanalysis as Core Training:

Strengthen your core, strengthen your self



7 Signs of Mental Health

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7 Signs of Mental Health

Mental health is not only about the absence of symptoms;

it’s about the presence of healthy capacities!