Grateful for the simple things

I’ve been thinking a little bit more about my last post, about embracing all of what life brings us–both good and bad.  And I realize how important it is to be grateful for the good, especially the simple things.

In this moment on a Saturday morning, the clouds have passed over my home.  It is quiet and still, with that wonderful freshness of clean air after the night’s rain.  Elsewhere in the country, my friends are drinking coffee and watching snow fall.  Perhaps you are still lounging in your pajamas, or taking in the fragrance of a meal simmering in the crockpot, or watching a child play basketball.  Maybe you are crying over a good movie, or holding someone’s hand, or scratching a beloved cat or dog behind the ear.  Maybe you are remembering loved ones who are now gone, turning over in your mind the ways they left their marks on your life.  Take a breath and take it in.  In the midst of the frenzy and challenges of life, we are uplifted by taking the time to be grateful for even the smallest of blessings.

Here is another Kenny Chesney song for your reflection: 

Click here to hear:  Kenny Chesney, I’m Alive

So damn easy to say that life’s so hard
Everybody’s got their share of battle scars
As for me I’d like to thank my lucky stars that
I’m alive, and well

It’d be easy to add up all the pain
And all the dreams you sat and watched go up in flames
Dwell on the wreckage as it smolders in the rain
But not me, I’m alive

And today you know that’s good enough for me
Breathin’ in and out’s a blessin’ can’t you see
Today’s the first day of the rest of my life
And I’m alive, and well
I’m alive, and well



2 responses to “Grateful for the simple things

  1. Awesome. This is too true. For me, work is hard…home life is great. In the midst of the work week I am often guilty of letting the stress get to me and forgetting all the great things in my life. When I reflect, I realize that work isn’t really all that bad and the rest of my life is worth every second I am alive. Is it fear, I wonder? Maybe. Fear that the good is too true and in the end I will just end up in a rut of trudging through my work day. The fear is unfounded. The fear is an illusion. Yet, it almost seems that in the middle of every week I come home from work, with stress making the back of my neck ache. The Dalai Lama once wrote, “Meditation must become a daily ritual in order to be able to bring ourselves back into harmony”. I think you could interpret this as we must take a moment or moments every day to remind ourselves just how many good things we enjoy in our lives. Rock on Jennifer!

  2. Well said. I love when the principles of psychoanalysis (like harmony and gratitude) find resonance in other practices. The Dalai Lama and Melanie Klein would have been good friends!

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