Win a FREE SIGNED copy of my forthcoming book!


Hi, everyone,

I’m so excited to announce that my forthcoming book, Wisdom from the Couch, is being shipped from the printer today! The official release date is June 10, 2014, but you can pre-order the book TODAY on Amazon!

To get the word out, I am giving away a FREE SIGNED copy on The giveaway ends on Tuesday, May 13, 2014. If you’re already a member of Goodreads, enter now to win! If you’re not, join for free and THEN enter to win!

You also can help get the word out by adding Wisdom from the Couch to your Goodreads bookshelf–that would be AWESOME!

Here’s the link:

Goodreads giveaway: Wisdom from the Couch


2 responses to “Win a FREE SIGNED copy of my forthcoming book!

  1. paul hardwick

    Hey CONGRATULATIONS!  Since we met at the writer’s conference you have proven to have the fortitude to get your dream to come true.  Having some less successful experience with it, provides me with an even greater sense of what it must have taken.  Enjoy the accomplishment and much good wishes to you and yours, Paul.

    • Paul, our experience at the SF writer’s conference was crucial for me. I remember how depressed we all were when we heard about the state of traditional publishing. So, yes, it has been a long road and I am pleased with the result. I remember you fondly and hope our paths will cross again. 🙂

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