Breaking News!


Hello, everyone!

Breaking news at Wisdom from the Couch Headquarters!  Here, on a lazy Sunday afternoon in April, I have completed the final chapter for my book manuscript!  Yipee!  My work is not yet done, of course, as now it heads to editing and the publisher for review, but still.  Not bad for an old gal from New Jersey!

Also, my Psychology Today blog, A Headshrinker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is 389 views short of a new personal record of 200,000 views.  So, if you want to help really make my day, click over and view some of my recent posts.  While you’re there, click through a few!  Every view counts!

Thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement.  I’ll keep you posted about my progress.  Click here for a sneak peak (this link will take you to the Psychology Today site):

Can You Let Good Enough Be Good Enough?


One response to “Breaking News!

  1. Great news! Congradulations on finishing the manuscript!

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